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Parents will recieve a calendar/class letter from their teachers showing valuable information about upcoming class events and daily topics. Parent conferences are available at any time during the year. Call or e-mail your teachers about a day, schedules permitting, you would like to meet.

Our school has an open door policy, but occasionally teachers will shut the door during circle time so children can hear the teacher. The hall can get noisy with activity from children and parents going to music and the playground!


The halls are secured by the key pad entry system which is automatically engaged after each carpool drop off or pick up. Each GFCC family is given their own security code that allows you to come and go throughout the morning. If you forget your assigned security code, please call the office at 919.469.0140 or email us at If you are on school property and would like admittance to the GFCC office, please ring the doorbell located to the right of the main doors and someone will assist you.





Greenwood Forest Children's Center uses Redirection whenever possible...especially in the two, two and one half, and three year old classes. As children get older, with a larger vocabulary, and are more socially mature, we introduce more Conflict Resolution type discipline practices.


Second Step is a social awareness program that helps children learn social skills through role play with different scenarios and situations. It helps children "read" certain body language. It also encourages the choice of appropriate words and actions to express themselves in difficult situations. Second Step is used in some WCPSS classrooms through first or second grades.


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