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Shout Out From Sandy -- Carpooling Now

Note to Parents About New Carpool Visuals

Dear Parents,

In order to help with morning and after-school carpools, we have created a visual chart for classes that are currently carpooling.

These visuals are paper classroom mascots that adhere to the first outside pole of the canopy. There is a sign that says, "Carpooling Now." When carpools for the morning start, the first teachers will take out their classroom mascots and adhere them to the pole. (This will be the Yellow Bear and Blue Bear teachers.)

When the teachers finish carpool, they will take down their mascots and bring them inside the building. The next group will put up their mascots until the carpool is over . . . . and so on.

If you are concerned about being early or late for your carpool times, you only need to look at the pole as you drive by from the Kilmayne Road entrance.

We hope this helps.

Sandy Duncan

GFCC Director


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