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9 Hello Posts from Tuesday, May 12


🍎 Hello GFCC Family!

🍎 Our posts today will cover a little bit of everything - handwriting, math, exercise and who knows what else!

🍎 Check our posts often today!

🍎 Have a Terrific Tuesday!




🍎 Do you need help to guide your Preschooler on how to learn to write their names?

🍎 Here’s a great video using the Learning Without Tears techniques and letter formations.

🍎 In my next post, I will give you a link to a document you can download from Learning Without Tears that demonstrates the letter formations.

🍎 Note that GFCC teaches the Learning Without Tears handwriting program.




🍎 Letter and Number Formation Chart

🍎 When you are guiding your Preschooler in Letter and Number formations, it is helpful to have this Learning Without Tears document that shows the correct strokes.

🍎 Remember, all letters and numbers are formed Top to Bottom and Left to Right

🍎 Getting in this habit of Top to Bottom and Left to Right is also helpful when your child is learning to read.




🍎 Fishing for Numbers

🍎 What a fun way to learn about numbers, one-to-one correspondence counting and more.

🍎 This is a free download activity from




🍎 Some ideas for your week from Hulafrog

🍎 Thank You Hulafrog!

🍎 Pick up Take Home Paint Kits

🍎 Sanpology Super Hero Series online class

🍎 Gem Mining To Go

🍎Science Safari Online Science Classes

🍎 Zoo EDventures Online Series

🍎 Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale

🍎 Ask a Music Teacher Live


🍎 Speaking of fish, β€œHave You Ever Been Fishing” with Mrs. Turner and Dr. Jean?

🍎 Get ready to fish...

🍎 S-l-o-w-l-y...

🍎 FASTER and... wait for it...


🍎 β€œHave You Ever Been Fishing” is written and sung by Dr. Jean and used with her permission. Thank You Dr. Jean!




🍎 Let’s do some animal exercises!




🍎 Do you know a farmer who has a dog named B-I-N-G-O?

🍎 Mrs. Turner does.

🍎 Go get your rhythm sticks (or paper towel rolls) and I’ll meet you back at the screen.




🍎 Do your littles miss seeing Family? Or Teachers? Or Friends?

🍎 Make this Peek-a-Boo Mat using diaper wipe lids and pictures of some of your favorite people.



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