• Tricia Jones

🍎 Five GFCC Smiles on Friday, May 15, 2020


🍎 GFCC smiles are the best!

🍎 Text us a picture of your smile at 919-271-1522 so we can share it with the family!

🍎 Happy Friday!




🍎 You’ve heard of a Fairy Garden.

🍎 Why not make a Dinosaur Garden?

🍎 Idea From littlegreenfingers




🍎 Have you looked outside today?

🍎 β€œColors make our world beautiful!”

🍎 You can also enjoy β€œColors” with Mrs. Turner!

🍎 β€œColors” used with permission by Amy Odom




🍎 Have you ever heard your child say, β€œI can’t draw that!”?

🍎 Here’s an opportunity to draw alongside your child and watch them smile as they successfully draw an elephant, a dog, a camel, a cow, a monkey, a tiger, a sheep, and a lion.




🍎 Here are some good reminders from our friends at Sesame Street.

🍎 Have a great weekend GFCC Family!

🍎 Stay safe! Stay healthy!



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