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🍎 πŸ¦‹ Five Terrific Tuesday Posts from May 19, 2020


🍎 πŸ¦‹ We wish you a Terrific Tuesday GFCC Family!




πŸŽβ˜”οΈ What do you do on a rainy day?

πŸŽβ˜”οΈ You build a tent or a fort with your furniture.

πŸŽβ˜”οΈ IKEA has developed plans to build these fun structures.

πŸŽβ˜”οΈ Text pictures of these or other tent creations to 919-271-1522.

πŸŽβ˜”οΈ Thank You Nicolle Pollaci for sharing this with us.



🍎 Learning and Exploring Through Play

IKEA has created these brilliant instructions for building furniture forts in lockdown!

The instructions below include how to build your very own tents, forts, caves, dens and castles indoors! Lots of fun! Who’s up for the challenge?


🍎 Is there any song in particular that you’d like to hear from Mrs. Turner?

🍎 How about this one?

🍎 β€œMonkeys and the Alligator” by Dr. Jean and used with her permission. Thank You!




🍎 Let’s travel with the animals and Mrs. Turner this morning.

🍎 Thank you to Billy Jonas for sharing your song, β€œBear to the Left” with us.

🍎 β€œBear to the Left” by Billy Jonas. Used with permission




🍎 For our GFCC Moms

🍎 You Can Love Your Kids and Still....

🍎 From Hulafrog apex-Cary, NC via: @_happyasamother



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