• Tricia Jones

We Think Our Teachers Are SUPER!


This week at GFCC, the teachers and staff have been treated to an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week by our wonderful parents.

  • The halls were transformed into a Super Hero gallery of delightful and creative artwork and bulletin boards. Come in and take a look.

  • We were spoiled with special lunches and treats.

  • On Thursday, we were invited to a special luncheon at MacGregor Downs Country Club in the Glen Eagles Room. Each teacher and staff member was given a Super Hero treat bag as we left. (Thank you to Tammy Eversole for taking pictures at the luncheon.)

Thank you to Mohita Patel and her committee and to all of the GFCC parents who have made us feel so special this week. Your generosity and kindness is overwhelming! We appreciate you so much and thank you for sharing your awesome children and families with us.

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