• Christy Hall

Superstars Are Super "Cowpokes"

NCSU Farm Day and Western Round-Up Day were first on the "To Do" lists of our Superstars during the month of April.

The Superstars were busy preparing for Western Round-Up Day (or Cowboy Days). This very fun and exciting day included singing, playing games, riding horses and enjoying a hot dog lunch with moms and dads!

Lots of work was put into preparing special cowboy and cowgirl outfits for the day. These outfits included hand stamped vests, bandannas and hats with a feather. Western Round-Up day would not have been complete without horses, so the Superstars enjoyed trimming their horse's manes and choosing a special name for their horse. Our Super "Cowpokes" worked very hard practicing and learning new songs with Mrs. Turner to perform for their parents. We are so proud of what a wonderful show they put on!!

Continuing the farm theme of the month, the Superstars had a great time on their Field Trip to NCSU Farm Days! They had the chance to see all kinds of farm animals, sit on tractors and eat ice cream!

To end the month, the Superstars looked toward Mother's Day and made their moms a very special gift to show them how much they are loved. We hope all of our Superstar moms had a wonderful day!! Happy Mother's Day!!

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