• Tricia Jones

A Camping We Will Go

What do you do with:

  • fly swatters,

  • hula hoops,

  • spray bottles,

  • bugs,

  • tea lights and

  • butterfly nets?

You come to summer camp at GFCC and find out.

"A Camping We Will Go"

is the theme for this year's Summer Camp experience.

Join us June 27 - July 1 for some Fun, Fun, Fun!


If you are unable to camp with us but would still like to participate, there are a few collectibles we need.

  • We will be making Glow-in-the Dark Firefly jars.

  • This activity will require empty plastic peanut butter or almond butter jars with plastic lids (around a 40-ounce size).

  • If you have any of these in your Recycling Bins, we would love for you to drop them by the school office any time before June 27 so that we can prep those jars.

  • We will need 12.

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