• Tricia Jones

Monday, Day 1 -- Setting Up Camp

Theme of the Day: Setting Up Camp

Campfire Story: Stella and Roy Go Camping by Ashley Wolff

Morning Outdoor Activity: The campers made Tie Dye shirts using colored Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. (The campers were calling these "Alcohol Shirts.") This was probably the favorite activity of the day.

Note to parents: Wash these shirts separately from any other laundry, as the colors may bleed a little. These shirts may or may not be the correct size. Since our logo has changed, these were just extra shirts that we decided to dress up with all of our vibrant starburst patterns.

SNACK: Trail Mix that our campers made by combining:

  • pretzels,

  • Cheerios,

  • Cheez-its

  • M & Ms

Indoor Centers: We talked about what we needed to set up camp. Here are some of the things we mentioned and then created. We made:

  • a lantern

  • a glowing campfire

  • a Hand print Campfire keepsake (making memories)

  • a First Aid kits

Music and Movement: Using our lanterns to light our path, we traveled across camp to the music tent. We played instruments, sang songs about setting up camp, played "What's in the Box," and lots more fun activities.

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