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Wednesday, Day 3 -- S'mores and Marshmallows

Theme of the Day: S'mores and Marshmallows

Campfire Stories: S is for S'mores by Helen Foster James; "Toasting Marshmallows," a poem by Kristine O'Connell George; and Marshmallow Kisses by Linda Crotta Brennan

Morning Outside Activity: We donned our magnifying glasses, packed our water bottles, and grabbed up a pencil and clipboard to go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt around the campus.

We were looking for specific items in nature that were on our list. The hardest thing to find was a butterfly.

Snack: We couldn't let S'mores Day go by without actually roasting marshmallows and making our own S'mores. This delicious yumminess was enjoyed by all and was probably the favorite snack of the week.

Indoor Centers: was everything marshmallow!! How many different things can you do with marshmallows? We may have tried them all. We:

  • painted with marshmallows using red, orange, and yellow -- the colors of a flame used to roast our marshmallows.

  • did a little Marshmallow Engineering with miniature marshmallows, roasting marshmallows and toothpicks.

  • did Marshmallow Water sensory play outside. We found out that if you leave wet marshmallows in the sun to dry, they melt. Check out our picture below.

  • experimented with Gak, a substance made from white glue, Borax and water. It looked like one big marshmallow.

Music and Movement: More fun with Mrs. Turner. Also as a special treat, Mrs. Turner's daughter, Paige, brought her ENO hammock for our campers to try out.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Who Wants to Make a S'more?

Marshmallow Centers

Music and Movement

Trying Out the ENO Hammock

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