• Tricia Jones

Friday, Day 5 -- Bugs; Our Zoo 2 You Animals; Wacky Water Day

Theme of the Day: Bugs; Our Zoo 2 You animals; and Wacky Water Day

Campfire Stories: Big Bug Surprise by Julia Gran and Bug Zoo by Andy Harkness

Morning Outside Activity: We did a gross motor activity called, "Move Like an Insect" and some other activities with balloons.

Snack: We ate worms, bug antennae, roly polys, butterfly wings, ants on a log and bug juice. Just kidding!! We really had gummy worms, carrots, purple grapes, potato chips, raisins and cream cheese on celery and lemonade.

Indoor Centers: Instead of our usual centers, we were treated to an in-house field trip with some animals from Our Zoo 2 You. http://www.ourzoo2you.com/

Dora shared some of her amazing friends with us. You might see these animals in forests or habitats all over the world. We saw:

  • Molly the Moluccan Cockatoo

  • Tinkerbell the Kinkajou

  • Domino the Striped Skunk

  • Aussie the Blue Tongue Skink

  • a Hedgehog

  • some Hissing Cockroaches

  • Jeri the Ball Python Snake

Afternoon Outside Activity: Wacky Water Day!! We had fun running in the sprinklers, getting sprayed with a water cannon, knocking over cups with our squirt bottles, and tossing water balloons.

Lunch: We had an outdoor picnic on the sidewalk. Our camper, Mark, had a birthday today so his mom provided ice cream dessert treats for us.

A Camping We Will Go is Complete!!

We hope you enjoyed our simulated camping experiences this week and made some great memories and friends along the way.

See you in September!!

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