• Tricia Jones

School Supplies and Shiny Floors

GFCC's "Meet the Teacher" events will begin in just 30 days. If you haven't had a reason to visit us this summer, you may be wondering what has been going on these last few weeks to get ready for our students.

School Supplies and Shiny Floors...

Mr. Randy has been hard at work by giving our classroom and hallway floors lots of attention. He can put a shine back on our floors like no other. As with everything, this task is a process. All of our classrooms have to be emptied of their furniture and supplies, then mopped and prepped, and then waxed and shined.

Mr. Randy has done it again! Our floors look so good and shine so brightly, you may have to wear sunglasses when you come to our "Meet the Teacher" events so you won't be blinded by the glare.

If you happen to see Mr. Randy, take a minute to THANK him for all of his hard work and let him know how much you appreciate him.

A Clean


is a



School supplies are being sorted for classroom distribution.

Where did all the furniture go that was in the Blue Puppies room?

Ohhh... Here it is in the hallway. Now we can clean

the room from top to bottom.

Before long, all of the rooms will be just as good as new. Stay tuned.

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