• JoEllen Bingham

Leaping Into Learning

The 2016-17 Leap Frogs have been having a blast....and LEARNING while they play!! We have settled into our routine and are enjoying our new classmates and wonderful teachers. This past month we have already worked on so many FUN things:

  • We are learning our colors AND shapes. We:

  • made cool yellow circles with cups and other round objects.

  • made red apple prints with REAL apples.

  • painted our pink piggies with chocolate pudding.

  • made square guys "square dancing" in the hall!!! Don't forget to take a look at these.

  • We are doing an excellent job of learning to walk down the hall in a line.

  • We are:

  • sitting during circle time.

  • beginning to sing our "Good Morning" song.

  • dropping our "bug" into our hungry froggy's mouth!

  • We LOVE music with Mrs. Turner and getting our wiggles out with Ms. JoEllen! Our favorite song is "We Are the Dinosaurs" by Laurie Berkner.

  • Snack time is one of our favorite times of the day, and we are doing a great job of staying in our seats, asking for more with our polite words, and drinking out of "big kid" cups.

  • We have learned the concepts of BIG/little, stop/go, and in/out.

  • We are all working on taking turns with our friends and using our words.

We CAN'T wait to see what the rest of this school year will bring!!

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