• Susan Kirley

Fall Fun with the Yellow Puppies!!!

Look and see what our class has been up to.....

Fall Leaves and Owls

  • We used red, orange and yellow paint and painted fall leaves onto a tree.

  • We made owls from brown paper and decorated them with feathers and big eyes. Did you know that their large eyes help owls to see and hunt at night?

Scarecrows and Pumpkins

  • We made cute scarecrows from lunch bags.

  • We made Jack-o-lanterns by painting paper plates with orange paint and adding yellow triangles for a toothy grin.

State Fair and Apple Tasting

  • Spin art is so much fun and each painting is unique. Don't forget to look at the picture of our creations below.

  • We made cotton candy art work and sampled some real cotton candy too. Yum!

  • We sampled three types of apples: Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, and Red Delicious. Then we all chose our favorites and graphed the results.

Halloween Fun

  • We ended October with our Halloween Party and Parade.

  • We decorated our own pumpkins, had a yummy snack, listened to Halloween stories read by Ben's sisters, dressed up in our costumes and joined the parade.

  • We had such a FUN day!

H a p p y F a l l Y ' a l l !!!!

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