• JoEllen Bingham


Fall is SUCH a fun time, especially when you are in the Blue Puppy class!!

Our Blue Pups have already been busy learning all kinds of wonderful and interesting things. We...

  • tasted apples and graphed which was our favorite.

  • made homemade applesauce AND peeled our own apples to make apple tarts!

  • have discussed what season it is now.

  • have checked our "weather window" everyday to see if we will be able to go on the playground!

  • are reviewing our colors and shapes.

  • are learning our days of the week, what month it is and beginning to identify numbers on our calendar.

  • are working hard in our Handwriting Without Tears workbooks and figuring out the proper pencil grip.

  • are practicing how to have a kind heart towards our friends, using our words, turn taking and sharing.

  • are trying to make the right choices and following the classroom rules.

  • are learning our name and letter recognition.

  • have done all sorts of wonderful art activities: bats, pumpkins, corn on the cob, spiders and water colors to name just a few.

Our pups are so excited to come to school everyday, and so are we!!

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