• Sandy Duncan

And the Winners Are...

Dear Parents,

First of all, I want to "Thank You" for your participation in the Dr. Bill Jones Scholarship Silent Auction / Raffle. I heard so many wonderful comments from church members and GFCC parents and grandparents about your classroom baskets. Things like:

  • "They are so big and full of really great things."

  • "Such creativity -- I would have never thought to add that item, but it really makes the basket!"

  • "Parents really did a great job."

I also want to thank the teachers that assembled their own baskets, the classroom parents who assembled their baskets, and the Raffle Basket Committee (Yuwei Tsang and Amber Rohloff) for the great work done in getting the baskets looking so beautiful! You are the BEST!

Now . . . on to the Raffle Basket Results

All raffle basket ticket canisters were taped down and

locked up at the end of each day for safety.

On Wednesday, November 16, the raffle drawing began!

  • The GFBC Office Manager, Karen Burden, did not participate in the raffle and was chosen to draw the winning tickets.

  • The tickets were carefully dumped into a super large canister and shaken for several minutes before a ticket was drawn.

  • Mrs. Burden reached in (without looking) and pulled the winning tickets for each raffle basket.

  • The winning ticket was taped to a notebook next to the name of the basket.

  • Winners were then called, emailed, and/or personally notified.

In any drawing, there is a possibility that one individual may possibly win multiple times. Chances increase with the number of tickets purchased and the number of tickets stacked into a favorite basket. The rest is left up to "chance". . . or . . ."a luck of the draw."

2016 Silent Auction / Raffle Basket Winners

(listed by Parent Names)

Silent Auction Baskets

Toddler Time

Catherine Lee (from the Yellow Puppy class)

International Food and Fun

Lynda Mowery (GFBC church member)

Family Fun

Kathy Henry (from the Blue Puppy class)

Raffle Baskets and Classroom Venue Options

Carpool Fast Pass

Nasrin Munshnhi (from the Penguin class)

Popsicles and Playground

Molly Eckert (from the Penguin class)

Extra Music Time

Kerry Lipitz (from the Busy Bee and Blue Bear classes)

Line Leader for a Week

Sandy Denman (GFBC church member)

Pizza Party for the Class

Nitesh Patel (from the Super Star class)

Super Heroes

Myka Schaefer (from the Building Blocks class)

May the Force Be With You

Katie Furr (from the Crayon class)

Wine and Cheese Please

Amy Hill (from the Yellow Bear class)

Chocolate Lovers

Sabahet Kara (from the Apples class)

Finding Your Inner Peace

Mohita Patel (from the Penguin class)

Play Ball

Alice Price (GFBC church member)

Girly Girl

Louri Reed (from the Leap Frog class)

LEGO Crazy

Helen Gibbs (from the Busy Bee and the Blue Bear classes)

Crafty Girl

Tabitha Jackson (former GFCC parent and substitute teacher)

Giant Giraffe

Megan Jarrell (a Busy Bee teacher and former GFCC parent)

I Hope You Had as Much FUN as I Did!!

Thank You Again!

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