• Catherine Ferguson and Laura Sechler

Penguin Pilgrims In November

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT):

  • The Penguins practiced how to write the uppercase letters O, Q, C and U using various HWT methods:

  • Using verbal and visual prompts, we learned to write the uppercase letters.

  • We introduced the Magic C Bunny to teach the different uppercase letters that you can write with the letter C. (ex.: C, O, Q, and G)

  • We practiced writing the letters on HWT chalkboards.

  • We used Therapy Dough to continue to strengthen our hands and fingers for proper gripping.

  • We have had fun with our Letterland characters. We are learning who they are and practicing the sounds they make.

November Topics:

  • Fall Fun

  • We made our creatively silly Thanksgiving placemats.

  • We practiced using our cutting skills by making our "Penguin Scarecrow."

  • We discussed where you might find scarecrows and why they are used.

  • Manners, Healthy Foods, and Healthy Bodies

  • We discussed the importance of using our "Please" and "Thank You" words.

  • We read and discussed the book, Germs Are Not for Sharing, by Elizabeth Verdick. This book addressed the importance of covering those sneezes and washing our hands. Being sick is not fun!

  • In Art, we used real vegetables to paint with and traced our hand and forearm to create an "X-Ray."

  • Pilgrims and Native Americans

  • We learned some fun facts about the Pilgrims. Being a Pilgrim kid was hard. Children then had hard chores and were expected to help their families. Did you know that the children had to stand up at the table to eat?

  • We learned that the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to farm in the New World. The Pilgrims and the Native Americans were friends. We expanded on the topic of friendship and discussed the importance of having friends. The Penguins talked about ways to treat each other kindly and with respect.

  • Carlos, who is a longtime friend of GFCC, presented our students with facts about Native Americans and shared stories, blessings and hands-on exploration of tools and jewelry used by the Chief/warrior of the tribe. Do you know what a cradle board is?

Literacy and Math:

  • We continuously review all of the uppercase letters and sounds we have worked on thus far this year. Identifying letters in one another's name is a fun activity the Penguins love to do during morning circle.

  • We have introduced recognizing the numbers 1 - 10. We have practiced one-to-one correspondence.

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