• Tricia Jones

Thank You GFCC Grandparents!

At the beginning of the school year, GFCC started a monthly Grandparent E-Newsletter and Outreach program. It was started as a way for a preschooler's grandparents to see classroom photos, read about GFCC events, receive interesting preschool activity ideas and engage in GFCC's fundraising efforts.

As one GFCC grandparent reader put it, "I am so thankful for this newsletter and to be able to see firsthand what my granddaughter is doing in preschool."

During the holiday season, the GFCC teachers were asked to supply a wish list of things that would be useful in the classroom. After the list was established, Santa's elves went to work. At GFCC's Staff Holiday Luncheon, gifts from the grandparents were given to the teachers.

A HUGE "THANK YOU" to all the wonderful grandparents who participated in Santa's Workshop gifts for the classrooms. The teachers were delighted to receive these gifts and can't wait to start using these instructional items in the classroom to enhance the concepts they teach. Grandparents, You Are Wonderful!!

Another HUGE "THANK YOU" goes to Kerry Lipitz for organizing the Grandparent Outreach program and the Santa's Workshop gifts for GFCC.

If your preschooler has a grandparent who would be interested in receiving the newsletter, please send their email address to: gfccgrandparents@gmail.com.

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