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Christmas Around the World with the Blue Bears and Yellow Bears - First Stop - Sweden

During the first week in December, the Blue Bear and Yellow Bear Transition classes were able to experience Christmas traditions and cultures from around the world. We learned where many of our own traditions come from by experiencing Christmas in Sweden, England, Mexico, and Germany. Come and share in our adventures!

First Stop: Sweden

On Monday, December 5, we experienced Sweden and even greeted our bears by saying "Good Yule" to each other as Swedish people do.

St. Lucia day, celebrated on December 13, is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Sweden.

  • St. Lucia was a young Christian girl who would secretly bring food to people who lived in hiding because of their religious beliefs.

  • Girls and boys play a big part in the celebrations on St. Lucia Day.

  • The eldest daughter in a family dresses in a white dress with a red sash around her waist and a crown of candles on her head. She then serves the family St. Lucia buns and coffee in bed.

  • We dressed one of our Bears in a St. Lucia costume. (Pictures below)

  • Other girls in the family also wear white but carry one candle.

  • All of our Yellow Bears and Blue Bears got to hold a battery powered candle during our demonstration. (Pictures below)

  • Her brothers wear a special long white gown with a shiny sash and a pointed hat with stars on it. They carry a baton with a star on it. They are called Star Boys.

  • We dressed one of our Bears in a Star Boy costume. (Pictures below)

  • The dressed children then participate in parades and celebrations outside the home on this day.

  • We were able to watch an actual St. Lucia celebration in Sweden. Check out this YouTube video to share in their experience.

  • You Tube Video: Swedish Saint Lucia Day

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cw5NmXkXjlY

  • The Blue Bears and Yellow Bears were also able to experience the tastes and smells of Christmas. We tasted and smelled our way through a story of the same title. We heard lots of oohs and ahs along the way.

  • (Picture below)

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