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Christmas Around the World with the Blue Bears and Yellow Bears - Second Stop - England

During the first week in December, the Blue Bear and Yellow Bear Transition classes were able to experience Christmas traditions and cultures from around the world. We learned where many of our own traditions come from by experiencing Christmas in Sweden, England, Mexico, and Germany. Come and share in our adventures!

Second Stop: England

On Tuesday, December 6, we experienced England and wished each other "Happy Christmas" as our British friends do.

With passports in hand, we flew from Sweden to England and learned how children celebrate Christmas in England and found out that many of the traditions used to celebrate the holidays came from England and Queen Victoria.

Here is a glimpse of our Circle Time in England.

  • The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore.

  • Before we read our story, we talked about its beloved author and found out that his ancestors came from England.

  • Mr. Moore wrote the story in Chelsea Mansion, a home he inherited from his British grandfather.

  • We turned out the lights and read our story by candlelight and the glow coming from Chelsea Mansion. (We have a Department 56 replica of Chelsea that we bring to school on the day we talk about Christmas traditions in England.)

  • We also talked about and showed pictures of Biltmore House in Asheville, NC, one of the closest places we have to a castle in the United States.

"What is in those bags?" was a very popular question as our Bear friends landed in England.

Each bag contained an item that had to do with a Christmas tradition in England. As each Yellow Bear and Blue Bear pair came to the circle, they chose a bag and then we talked about its contents and the Christmas tradition started in England. Here are a few examples:

  • Yule log

  • Sending Christmas cards

  • Father Christmas -- the name for Santa in England

  • Carolers

  • Advent calendars

Another popular Christmas tradition that England has shared with us is the Christmas Cracker.

  • It is a brightly colored paper tube, twisted at both ends.

  • It reminds the English of a crackling fire.

  • It is placed at each person's dinner plate and opened at the same time.

  • It usually contains a paper hat, small toys and a joke.

  • Enjoy our Christmas cracker experience!!

Our Art: Since England's Father Christmas is skinny (and not round like our Santa Claus), we made a skinny handprint Santa with each Yellow Bear's and Blue Bear's hand.

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