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Christmas Around the World with the Blue Bears and Yellow Bears - Third Stop - Mexico

During the first week in December, the Blue Bear and Yellow Bear Transition classes were able to experience Christmas traditions and cultures from around the world. We learned where many of our own traditions come from by experiencing Christmas in Sweden, England, Mexico, and Germany. Come and share in our adventures!

Third Stop: Mexico

Wednesday, December 7 -- Feliz Navidad (or Happy Nativity) from Mexico!!

We had a longer flight today since we had to fly from England to Mexico. Then we had to have our passports stamped.

After calendar time, we talked about how children celebrate Christmas in Mexico.

  • The number one thing that people in Mexico use to decorate with is a Nativity scene.

  • On December 16 every year, the Mexican people begin celebrating with Las Posada parades (Spanish for Inn or Lodging) and parties.

  • These parades celebrate the part of the Christmas story where Joseph and Mary looked for a room in an Inn.

  • We demonstrated this tradition where one of the Blue Bears and one of the Yellow Bears played Mary and Joseph. They went to each of their Blue Bear and Yellow Bear friends, knocked on the door, and asked if there was any room in the Inn, with the response being, "No, sorry; there is no room." When they got to the last door (or student), there is finally room and they are welcomed in.

  • Let the Las Posada party begin!

  • Take a look at our actor and actress!

It is believed that the beautiful poinsettia originated in Mexico. At Art table we cut, folded, and stapled paper to make a poinsettia bloom. Look at how beautiful they are!

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