• Nicole Freyer

The Busy Bees Are Buzzing About Hot/Cold and So Much More

Here's the Buzzzzzzzz on the Busy Bees:

  • Color: White

  • New Shape: Rectangle

  • Concepts: Hot/cold.

  • We felt hot and cold packs.

  • We put on mittens to see the difference in how hot and cold felt.

  • Themes:

  • Snow, snowmen and the color white

  • Dressing for winter weather

  • Rectangles and sleds

  • Penguins and polar bears

The Busy Bees are also:

  • working on pre-writing skills using salt trays and paintbrushes to make designs.

  • reviewing colors and shapes every day. The new color and shape for this month is white and rectangle.

  • working on counting using math bags. The Bees get to bring in items that we count during circle.

  • They use a 10-frame math board to help with counting.

  • working on counting by route and 1:1 correspondence.

  • practicing fine motor skills and strengthening our hands and different muscles.

  • They have worked on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. For the vertical, they have used a hanging LEGO mat and a sticky snowman. For the horizontal surface, they have utilized the art table and other tabletop structures.

  • having "tummy time" during circle to work on those important core muscles.

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