• Libby Valyo

How Do You Like These Apples?

We LOVE the Apple class at GFCC!!

Take a look at what we've been learning and doing...

  • Arctic animals including penguins and polar bears

  • Migrating birds and hibernating animals like the brown bear

  • Groundhog's Day and shadows

  • Feelings - happy, mad, sad

  • The color pink = red + white

  • Mail - sending and receiving letters and packages

  • Airplanes and going up and down

  • Visiting the zoo and the animals we see there

  • Valentine's Day party with heart shaped treats and Valentines exchange.

We continue to work on:

  • counting numbers 1 - 20

  • colors

  • shapes

  • patterns

  • sorting

  • recognizing and spelling our names

  • the practice of being a good friend and helper in the classroom.

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