• Tricia Jones

Penguins on Parade

Last week, the Penguins completed their study on uppercase letters and Letterland characters. What better way to celebrate this accomplishment than with a PARADE!!

Let's all sing the Penguin Song (from Jumpin' Jelly Beans) that Mrs. Turner sings with us!

Ready!! Go!!!

Penguins Attention!

Penguins Begin!

Right Arm, Left Arm

Right Leg, Left Leg

Nod your head...

Kicking King

Jumping Jim

Annie Apple

Fix-it Max

Clever Cat

Noisy Nick

Annie Apple

Firefighter Fred

Red Robot

Sammy Snake

Zig Zag Zebra

Sammy Snake

Golden Girl and Quarrelsome Queen

Some parents and friends of the Penguins were able to capture these video moments from the parade. Click on the links to enjoy their fun in these three videos!!




Ready!! Go!!!

Penguins Attention!

Penguins At ease!

The Rest of the Day...

The celebration continued with a Popcorn Party and watching The Letterland Movie!! A fun day was had by all!!

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