• Tricia Jones

It's Cool to be a Scientist!!

Suzy Science visited GFCC on Wednesday and Thursday, February 22 and 23. She offers in-class field trips in the Raleigh-Durham area. Suzy's classes are a combination of observation with some hands-on involvement while she explains the "whys."

Our younger children -- Orange Bears, Blue Puppies and Yellow Puppies -- experienced Ocean Life with Suzy. She did some density and surface tension experiments to start her discussion of exploring the ocean. Then the Bears and Puppies learned some fun whale facts and got to experience Annabelle the Whale. Annabelle is just like a real baby Blue Whale. She is 25 feet long and a great visual of how huge these ocean animals really are.

Get ready, Annabelle! Here we come!!

Matters of Science was the topic of discussion and demonstration for the older children -- Penguins, Super Stars, Building Blocks, Crayons, Blue Bears and Yellow Bears. Is is a solid, liquid or gas? Is there physical or chemical change? We learned some of these answers from Suzy's fire and ice experiments and that the behavior of the molecules determined their fate. Would they condensate, evaporate or sublimate into something else?

For more information about Suzy Science, go to her website:


Enjoy our Ocean Life fun with Suzy!!

Enjoy our Matters of Science fun with Suzy!!

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