• Tricia Jones

GFCC's 3s Learn About Community Helpers

What are Community Helpers?

GFCC's three-year old classes learned that Community Helpers are people who make our communities a better place to be. These are people who have jobs that make life better for everyone around them by delivering a service to make our lives better or easier. Some of the jobs they explored were:

  • policemen and policewomen. They keep our neighborhoods safe.

  • firefighters. They are workers and friends that help to keep people safe from the harm of fire.

  • doctors and nurses. They help us all stay healthy.

  • mail carriers. They deliver mail to us every day, even though it might be raining or snowing.

  • teachers. They help students learn.

The Blue Puppies, Yellow Puppies, and Orange Bears were able to explore many types of Community Helpers inside and outside the classroom. Several police officers came to visit the children for an In-house Field Trip. They were also able to leave campus to visit some firefighters at a real Fire station. They experienced hands-on play by doing some Community Helper artwork as well as using their imagination to pretend to be a Community Helper.

GFCC would like to thank all of our Community Helpers for teaching us, protecting us, delivering services to us, and making our lives easier and better.

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