• Tricia Jones

Thank You GFCC Parents

Last week was Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week at GFCC. We want to thank all of our parents and grandparents for treating us to an outstanding week.

The theme of the week was: Our teachers help us BLOOM and GROW.

Your pictures and artwork, flowers, cards and notes, sweet treats, Wednesday’s lunch at Mayton Inn (with parting gifts and yummy Blue Moon cupcakes for dessert) have filled our hearts and our tummies.

Here is an example of just one of the sweet poems we received this week from a GFCC family:

From small seeds grow mighty trees.

Thank you for helping me GROW and

Teaching me all that you KNOW and

Most of all thanks for all the love you SHOW.

Thank you to Mohita Patel, her committee, and all of the awesome

GFCC parents for making us feel so special.

Thank you for sharing your precious BLOSSOMS” with us.

Enjoy these pictures from our week!

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