• Tricia Jones

Blue Bears Are Fair! We Care and We Share!

Welcome to the Blue Bear Transition Kindergarten class!!

During the month of September, we have enjoyed getting to know each other, making friends, and learning all about ourselves. As the headline states: Blue Bears Are Fair! We Care and We Share! We have been exploring ways to treat each other with kindness and to play fairly! The story, Rainbow Fish, helped us with this concept.

Puppet friends Lionel and Lucy from the Second Step program have been giving us helpful guidelines on how we should treat each other with respect and on how our bodies should be during Circle Time and when we listen to others.

This week we have explored our five senses and how to use our senses to be Nature Detectives. Today we went on a Field Trip to Lake Crabtree and took a Nature Detective walk with Ranger Colleen.

Here are some of the stories we have heard to introduce our themes and concepts for the day:

  • I Went Walking

  • The Doorbell Rang

  • The Rainbow Fish

  • My Mouth Is a Volcano

  • Quick As a Cricket

  • I Like Me!

  • All By Myself

  • Follow Those Feet!

  • Animal Tracks

Here are our Blue Bear friends playing, learning, and having FUN!

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