• Tricia Jones

September with the Yellow Bears

"Our curriculum at GFCC is designed to nurture the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of preschoolers. These components are equally important to building a child's kindergarten readiness."

These words come from the Curriculum tab on our website.


As with all of our classes at GFCC, a typical day in the Yellow Bear Transition classroom would include:

  • Circle time with Show & Tell on Fridays

  • Story Time

  • Free play

  • Center activities

  • Snack and lunch

  • Playground

  • Music / creative movement

Kindergarten readiness goals are achieved in a variety of different ways. "The Yellow Bears ... are being prepared for Kindergarten in a loving, culturally diverse environment where learning is fun!"


Enjoy these pictures of the Yellow Bears from their first month of school as they prepare for Kindergarten while experiencing a multitude of activities and adventures.

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