• Melinda Daigle

Fall Fun with the Polka Dot Puppies

We have been having so much fun celebrating the fall season! Apples, Owls, Acorns, and Native Americans are just a few of the things that we have been up to!


  • We taste tested 3 different types of apples (red, green and yellow) and made a graph to find the class favorite.

  • We made homemade applesauce. It was fun to help peel the apples and even more fun to taste.


  • We read and discussed the Owl Babies book and all of the unique qualities of owls.

  • We made fuzzy baby owl artwork which is on display.


  • We learned what trees make acorns and how acorns grow to become new trees.

  • We took an "acorn walk" around the building to find and collect our own acorns.

Native Americans:

  • We strung colorful beads to make bracelets and made feather headbands.

  • We created corn art to grow a corn field on our bulletin board.

  • We played in tee pees and learned all of the ways our Native American friends helped the Pilgrims.

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