• Tricia Jones

Smile and Say Cheese - Picture Days Are Coming to GFCC

Dear Parents,

Monday and Tuesday (March 19 and 20) are picture days for your GFCC children! This fundraiser provides money for the Dr. Bill Jones Scholarship Fund and gives you a precious memory of your child on this day of his/her school year.

Portrait Makers will make 2 different portraits:

1. Full body pose with blue background and white staircase

2. Group class picture.

Portrait Makers always offers family group photos at this time (if you want to bring in siblings or pull siblings from other classrooms).

Due to the limited time on these portrait days, PARENTS MUST SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME FOR THIS.

  • The sign-up sheet is on the GFCC Office window.

  • The Portrait time schedule is also on the GFCC Office window and below.

Sandy Duncan

GFCC Director

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