• Tricia Jones

Buzzing with the Busy Bees

The Busy Bees have been busy!

We love:

  • having circle time

  • playing in centers

  • creating during art

  • going outside!

During circle time, we:

  • say hello to each other

  • “clip in” to our bee hive

  • sing songs (One of our favorite things to sing is our ABCs.)

  • read books

  • love talking about the weather.

We started taking home a math bag and each one of us gets to present our objects to the class and lead the class in counting.

At centers time, we:

  • like to manipulate playdoh

  • put together puzzles

  • play in the sensory table

  • work on lacing

  • stacking and cutting

  • play in the areas around the classroom.

Dress up has been very popular lately, as well as imaginary play in the kitchen.

During art, we use:

  • paint

  • chalk

  • crayons

  • glue

  • even shaving cream to create theme based projects.

We especially liked making rainbows with fruit loops and chicks out of paint and feathers.

We also have a great time in movement, music, and outside on the playground!

The Busy Bees love learning, laughing, and having fun!

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