• Tricia Jones

Teachers Help Us Spread Our Wings and Fly

This week has been Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week at GFCC. We have been fed ... and gifted ... and fed ... and received beautiful art creations ... and did I mention that we have been fed?

Our wonderful Teacher Appreciation Committee and all of GFCC's parents and students have made us feel so loved and appreciated!! A huge Thank you to Mohita Patel, Nakhesia Sheen, Laura Martin, Jennifer Cousins, Debbie Reuther, Kelly Tavares, Jessica Provost, Lisa Privitera, Amy Finnigan, Jacqueline Muragas, Danielle Matos, and all of the parents at GFCC who donated their time and help to make this such a special week!

In the words of Miss JoEllen:

WE HAVE THE BEST PARENTS AND KIDS AT GFCC!!! We love you all.... THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful lunch and gifts!!!

Enjoy some highlights from our week.


We enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Mayton Inn in downtown Cary today.


Our wonderful GFCC families treated our teachers and staff to breakfast in the Teacher's kitchen this week. The word on the hall was that some of our staffers made multiple trips down the hall to partake of the delicious breakfast delicacies each day.


Our school was beautifully decorated this week.

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