• Tricia Jones

GFCC Parents Are the BEST Parents!!

What a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week!

The "Teachers Help Us Soar Higher" theme was adorable. The Butterfly and Clouds Wall and sweet hot air balloons from the ceiling were the best. The artwork from the children was

so creative and cute...they did an exceptional job!

The lunch at the Mayton Inn was wonderful, and we all enjoyed the time to visit with each other as much as

we enjoyed the delicious food.

The Target gift cards were very generous as well as the other discount cards. The petunias in a jar and butterflies

on the tables were a beautiful touch.

Of course, your children are the best gift that you could give a teacher. We get so much joy and pleasure from their

enthusiasm and fun...they keep us young at heart.

Thank you for all the support you give our staff and

our school...you are the best parents!!

The GFCC Teachers and Staff

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