• Tricia Jones

Happy Fall from the Blue Puppies

Blue Puppies are super excited about what October has in store!


  • We have already tasted and graphed our favorite kinds of apples.

  • We tasted red, yellow and green apples. Red was definitely a class favorite.

  • This was perfect timing to learn about the letter “A.” Check out the hall for our favorite letter A art.

Fall Themes

  • We have talked about all things fall including leaves, their size, shape, color and the number of points on different leaves.

  • Blue puppies were able to create a leaf rubbing with crayons and leaves.

  • Other fall themes will include pine cones, squirrels, bats, spiders and pumpkins!

  • We will use these themes to teach sorting, colors and shapes, graphing and measurement!

Nursery Rhymes

  • Some of our favorite nursery rhymes included this month are "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Little Miss Muffet."

We continue to do many art projects but will keep them secret for now and showcase them all at Open House!

Mrs. King and Mrs. Mason

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