• Morgan Cassell

Growing with the Lucky Ducks

It has been such a joy to watch our Lucky Duck class grow this school year!

Here is what our day looks like:

  • We start our day with free play.

  • During free play we work on sharing and using kind words with our friends.

  • Next is circle time. We sing good morning, read books and go over our theme for the day.

  • Some favorites have been dinosaurs, Santa, and farm animals.

  • We follow circle time with snack and then music.

  • Music is always a favorite at GFCC, and Mrs. Turner always has something fun planned and has even let us play instruments!

  • After music we do art.

  • The Lucky Duck class loves art and they aren’t afraid to get dirty. We are working on things like squeezing glue and cutting with scissors to make our hands stronger for handwriting next year.

  • The Lucky Ducks end each day with playground time.

  • We are all really looking forward to some sunny spring weather soon!

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