• Tricia Jones

In-House Field Trip with Cary Pediatric Dentistry

Today was an In-House Field Trip day for many of our classes. The Blue Bears, Yellow Bears, Penguins, Crayons, Building Blocks, Super Stars, Blue Puppies and Polka Dot Puppies walked right down the hall this morning to hear about a very important topic -- their teeth.

Several dental hygienists from Cary Pediatric Dentistry talked to the children about how important it is to take care of our teeth. They taught us how to brush our teeth, how long we should brush and the frequency of times during the day. They also talked to us about the foods we eat and how they affect our teeth. The goody bag and letter/activity packet that went home with your child today came from:

  • Cary Pediatric Dentistry. www.carypediatricdentistry.com/

  • Here are a few questions you can ask your child:

  • How many times should you brush your teeth a day? (two – morning and before you go to bed)

  • What else should you use to clean your teeth besides brushing? (floss pickers)

  • How many baby teeth does a child have? 20

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