• Christine Lucey

Here's the Buzzzzzz on the Busy Bees

The Busy Bees have been busy this year.

Arrival Time

  • As we enter the classroom we get to explore the room and learn to play together.

  • We love using play doh so we can practice our cutting, rolling, and pinching.

  • On the tables are items to sort, puzzles to solve, and colors to match.

  • Around the room we love to play in the kitchen, take care of the pets and babies (just pretend, of course :-), zoom around cars, and build with blocks.

Circle Time

  • At circle time we clap, wave, and stomp to say hello.

  • We talk about the weather and count items from the math bag.

  • We read a book, sing songs, use the felt or magnet board, all related to the theme of the day.

Art Table Time

  • In art we get to use all kinds of materials to create beautiful artwork.

  • We love to use our hands to paint, color, squeeze the glue, separate stickers, cut and tear paper.

  • We love to be creative.

We have grown so much this year already!

The Busy Bees love to learn and have fun together.

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