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Random Blue Bear "Backwards Day" Cuteness

The Blue Bears and Yellow Bears wrapped up "Bb" Week with Backwards Day.

Here is how the Blue Bears celebrated the day:

~Some of our friends wore their clothes, hats, shoes and backpacks "backwards."

~We read Princess Backwards by Jane Gray during story time. Here is the synopsis:

  • "Princess Fred lives in a castle, where everything is the reverse of what we are used to: people have dinner in the morning, and breakfast in the evening; they walk back to front; and so on. Everybody thinks it is perfectly normal, except Princess Fred, who just can't seem to get the hang of those things."

  • Ask your Bears how "Princess Fred" saved the kingdom.

~During Center time, we:

  • put together puzzles that were upside down on the table.

  • drew pictures under the table instead of on top of the table.

  • drew, colored and named some Backward Beasts. Stop by the Blue Bear room and take a look at our door to see the clever creations we made. They were:

  • Frankey - a combination of a frog and a monkey

  • Girale - a giraffe and a whale

  • Bunkey - a bunny and a monkey

  • Cowosaur - a cow and a dinosaur

  • Liounny - a lion and a bunny

  • Bunraffe - a bunny and a giraffe

  • Cowion - a cow and a lion

  • Whalesaurus - a whale and a dinosaur

  • Giraffebird - a giraffe and a bird

  • Whalion - a whale and a lion

Take a look at some of our "Backwards" fun.

...Drawing pictures under the table instead of on the table.

...The results of our "Backwards Drawing"

...Our "Backwards Beasts"

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