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It's Cool to be a Scientist!!

Suzy Science visited GFCC on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2 and 3. She offers in-class field trips in the Raleigh-Durham area. Suzy's classes are a combination of observation with some hands-on involvement while she explains the "whys."

Our younger children -- Yellow Puppies, Polka Dot Puppies and Blue Puppies -- experienced "Decomposers" with Suzy. Here is a description of the session from Suzy's website:

"I've got the experiments to show mold is gold and yeast is priceless! But our most beloved decomposer is the worm. See how they react to different stimuli, then let your stretchy friend work it's magic in a school garden or playground."

"May the Force" was the topic of discussion and demonstration for the older children -- Blue Bears, Yellow Bears, Super Stars, Penguins, Building Blocks, and Crayons. Here is the description of the "Force" session from Suzy's website;

"Learning the 3 laws of motion and forces is fun when examples include catapulting and tablecloth snatching. This high energy class is full of surprises. Even the most kinetic kids will form a potential hypothesis. Warning: some eggs will not survive."

For more information about Suzy Science, go to her website:


Enjoy our Decomposers with Suzy!!

Enjoy our "May the Force" fun with Suzy!!

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