• Tricia Jones

In-House Music Field Trip

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week our classes gathered in the Greenwood Forest Baptist Church (GFBC) sanctuary to hear a special music presentation.

Mr. Jeneal Teander, a member of GFBC, taught us that there are "Families of Musical Instruments" -- Brass, Percussion and Strings. Mr. Teander brought some of his instruments from all of these families -- his trumpets and mutes, a flute, a clarinet, a cello, a saxophone, his clave, and a drum set. He demonstrated how to play them all, and he even played some songs that we knew so we could sing along. We were also able to touch the hairs on a bow and press buttons on the trumpet and flute.

At the end of the presentation, Mrs. Turner played some songs on the pipe organ so we could hear the beautiful sounds coming out of the pipes that were on the sanctuary wall behind where we sat in the choir loft.

Thank you, Mrs. Turner, for scheduling this special time with Mr. Teander so that we could experience the sounds and textures from all of these different instruments.

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