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GFCC Teachers Help Give Our Students the Courage to Pursue Their Dreams

This week has been Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week at GFCC.

Our wonderful Teacher Appreciation Committee and all of GFCC's parents and students have made us feel so loved and appreciated!!

A huge Thank You to:

Nakhesia Sheen, Jen Cousins, Ayana Rush, Dawn Oryszak, Thea Miller, Stephanie Raeman, Jessica Provost, Amy Finnigan, Kim Nguyen, Debbie Reuther, and all of the parents at GFCC who donated their time, help, and monetary contributions to make this such a special week!!

You have treated us with:

  • tasty breakfast casseroles, doughnuts, and fresh fruit

  • a delicious buffet luncheon at Tazza Kitchen Stone Creek Village and for dessert

  • a delectable thematic chocolate cake baked by one of our own Penguin parents

  • an incredible take-home party bag

  • beautiful flowers

  • generous gift cards

  • sweet, heartwarming notes that brought tears to our eyes

  • magnificent artwork

  • seeing our children dressed up as Super Heroes.


THANK YOU THANK YOU for a wonderful week of surprises and fun!!!

We LOVE You All...

Enjoy some highlights from our week.



"Little Teachers" Bulletin Board

Mrs. Duncan assisted in the fun of the week by creating a bulletin board of our teachers pictured when they were children and as they look now. It's been fun watching the GFCC children view these pictures and realize that all of the teachers that they spend their days with started out as children too.

These pictures will be on display until the end of May. Make sure you drop by the GFCC office area and take a look.


Our school was beautifully decorated this week.

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