• Tricia Jones

We're "Moving On" to Kindergarten

On Thursday, May 23, 2019, the Green Bear Class of 2019 graduated in a ceremony held in the Fellowship Hall of Greenwood Forest Baptist Church.

Diplomas and "Moving On" medals were awarded to fourteen Blue Bears and fifteen Yellow Bears. (We refer to the blue and yellow combination of these two classes as the Green Bears. mixing the colors of blue and yellow to make green.)

After the ceremony, our families enjoyed viewing the artwork that our Green Bears made to decorate the hall, as well as taking pictures of their graduates in all of the different photo shoot locations. A pizza lunch was also served to our excited graduates and their families. Everyone enjoyed spending time with their friends and talking about the fun times we have had this year.

If you have pictures you would like to add to our collection of graduation memories, please email them to wpjones@bellsouth.net

And now... we present to you,

the Green Bear Class of 2019!!

Taking a Tour of our Graduation Site

Graduation Parade Through the Halls of GFCC

Green Bear Graduation Festivities