• Sandy Duncan

"You're Not Retiring. You're Just Getting Started."

What a wonderful year we have had at GFCC!! Our teachers have worked diligently to continue the legacy of this great school.

As usual, GFCC loses teachers each year. Many retire or find full-time employment. So this is the time that we sadly wish our friends and co-workers well.

Erica Strother will leave for full-time employment. She has five children of her own and one graduating from high school soon. Erica has been with us for four years, beginning in the 2's Music, and then the 4's, and lastly the 3's. We will all certainly miss Erica and hope she will be able to come back every now and then to visit.

Tricia Jones came to GFCC seven years ago and has taught the entire time with Wendy Sampson in the TK Blue Bear classroom. Tricia also does the blog for the GFCC website, the Remind notifications, and our Facebook page. While Tricia feels it is time to retire her classroom career, she will continue to work on social media for the school, as well as volunteer in the office in order to remain current on the happenings at GFCC. In her retirement, Tricia plans on traveling with her husband whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Wendy Sampson has been at GFCC for twenty years. She started teaching in the 3's, and two years later moved to the TK Blue Bear classroom. For eighteen years, Wendy has helped set the degree of excellence for which the Transition class is known. Wendy is retiring to take care of her adorable grandson during the day while her daughter-in-law goes back to full-time teaching in the classroom. We will certainly miss Wendy and hope she will bring her adorable grandson to GFCC for lots of visits.

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