• Tricia Jones

Rumble in the Jungle - Week 1, Day 3

Today was another MARVELOUS day at camp!

On arrival, we played with jungle Beanie Babies and built things.

We went outside for a gigantic Scavenger Hunt.

For snack we ate Clementine tigers and then got to touch Mozart, the ball python who was very happy to have so much attention.

We completed our third rotation of centers, sang monkey songs, played new percussion instruments, and learned about more jungle animals including a mandrill monkey and a sloth.

Just for fun, we watched part of the DVD sloth scene from "Zootopia." We made “sloth” angels with our arms and legs and lined up to wash hands, as S...L...O...W...L...Y as a sloth!

After lunch we enjoyed being outside with squirt bottles and frozen yogurt.

...Not a bad way to spend a summer’s day...