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Welcome New Staff Member Maria Muratore

Maria was born and raised in New York. She attended St. John's University, received a Bachelor's degree in Finance and worked in International Banking in New York City.

Maria is married to her husband, Peter, and they have two daughters -- Nicole and Michelle. They moved to Cary during the summer of 2009 and attend St. Michael the Archangel Church. Their older daughter, Nicole, is married and lives in the Raleigh area. Michelle, their younger daughter, attends college at Randolph Macon University in Virginia.

Maria has always been active in her church community. She's ministered in various capacities throughout the years. Maria developed and led a young mother's "Moms and Tots" group, as well as, prayer groups. She has served as a Catechist for Elementary Faith Formation and Youth ministry. She has assisted in Youth Ministry counseling for teenagers on retreats. Maria is currently in ministry as the Director of Catholic Renewal Services for the Diocese of Raleigh.

Maria enjoys working with children and young families. She thrives on partnering, collaborating, and edifying others. She has a genuine interest and passion for helping young children learn and achieve their goals. Maria feels that is one of the most heartwarming benefits of being a preschool teacher.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys volunteering in her community and church and ministering to children and adults. She also enjoys the creativity of arts, crafts, writing, and drawing.

The fall of 2018 brought Maria to GFCC as a Substitute Teacher and then in January of 2019 as a co-teacher in the 4s Polka Dot Puppies class. We welcome Maria to our GFCC Family.

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