• Tricia Jones

💛🐻 Fall Field Trips for the Yellow Bears

💛🐻 The Yellow Bears have talked about so many interesting things this fall --

  • Friends

  • All About Me

  • Nature Detectives

  • Apples

  • Pumpkins

  • Eric Carle

  • Creatures

  • Scarecrows

  • Halloween Safety

💛🐻 To further enhance their experiences, the Yellow Bears went on two Field Trips -

  • a Nature Detective walk with Ranger Colleen at Lake Crabtree and

  • a farmyard, pumpkin experience at Phillips Farms.

Lake Crabtree...

... was our first Field Trip. Their Nature Detective Walk was awesome. With Ranger Colleen, they found animal tracks, snake, skins, feathers, and antlers. Along the way, the Yellow Bears even got to climb the tower to see the lake and park. An added bonus was having time to explore their terrific playground.

Phillips Farms ...

... was another fantastic experience for the Yellow Bears. They loved the wagon ride through the corn maze and feeding the goats and catfish. One of their favorite activities was jumping in the bouncy area. And, yes, even the parents and teachers joined in the fun.

Parents, thank you for helping the Yellow Bears experience many of the things they have talked about this fall.

Yellow Bears are Fair. We Care and We Share.

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