💜🐶 Purple Puppies Learned About Pilgrims

November 26, 2019



💜🐶 The Purple Puppies had a fun and exciting time learning about Pilgrims last week.  Here are some of the things they experienced.

💜🐶 They read Pete the Cat "The First Thanksgiving."

💜🐶 They talked about how long the pilgrims were on the Mayflower crossing the ocean. (It would have been like staying in our school classroom from the first day of school until now.  That's a LONG time.)

💜🐶 For Art, the Purple Puppies created a moving Mayflower craft.

💜🐶 They also explored boats and built Pilgrim homes with Lincoln Logs.









💜🐶 During Circle Time, the Purple Puppies looked at objects and decided whether they were available Long Ago (Candle, Marbles, Corn Kernels, Make your own Butter) or Now (Flashlight, IPad, Prepackaged Corn Bread Mix, Stick of Butter). 



💜🐶 After their Circle Time discoveries, the Purple Puppies made something that both the Pilgrim children and the Purple Puppies eat today --  butter.  However, after showing them a stick of butter like we have today, they decided to experiment with the method the Pilgrims used to make butter.  Afterall, the Pilgrims couldn't get in their car and drive to the grocery store to get their butter like we can.  The Pilgrims would milk a cow and then churn butter.

💜🐶 The Purple Puppies used heavy cream, salt and a mason jar to replicate the idea of churning. Everyone took turns shaking it. They looked at it once while it was starting to turn (Stiff whipped cream) and then showed them what it looked like as butter!

💜🐶 They then enjoyed eating their freshly made butter on bread.









Happy Thanksgiving from the Purple Puppies 


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