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Native American Inhouse Pow-Wow for the 4s and TK -- Thank You Susan Kirley!!

🌽 During the month of November, the GFCC children have enjoyed learning about and celebrating the Pilgrims and Native Americans from long ago.

🌽 A pow-wow is a time of celebration. It's a social gathering of Native Americans from many tribes, and a time to remember customs and traditions. Anyone can attend a pow-wow, but only a real Native American can join in the activities or wear the colorful costumes of their tribes.

🌽 Last week our 4s and TK classes enjoyed an Inhouse Pow-Wow with one of our former teachers, Mrs. Susan Kirley.

🌽 Mrs. Kirley spoke of how the Native Americans used all the things from the earth that was around them. They did not waste any food or materials. They used all of the animal, not just the meat.

🌽 In the Native American culture, they talk about the Three Sisters.

  • Corn was the first sister and was planted first.

  • The second sister was green beans that were planted around the corn so that the bean vines could climb, climb, climb the stalks.

  • Squash was the third sister and was planted between the corn.

🌽 Mrs. Kirley showed the children corn husk dolls that other children made. Our preschoolers loved seeing them. She also talked about how the Native American children were gatherers and help their parents gather berries and other food items.

  • The last two pictures of this blog show that the Penguins heard that message loud and clear and were pretending to gather berries on the playground like the Native American children did. 🙂

🌽 Mrs. Kirley also let the children taste the fruits from the Three Sisters -- cornbread, roasted squash, popcorn and tortilla chips.

🌽 The Native Americans were very thankful for all of the gifts from the Earth.

🌽 We are thankful for Mrs. Kirley and the wonderful Native American experience she shared with our GFCC children.

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