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Registration Forms for 2020-2021 Are Now on the Website and Going Home with Students on Monday and T

Process for Registration is "First Come, First Served."

🍎✏️ Registration forms for 2020-2021 are now on the website and are being sent home Monday and Tuesday, December 9 and 10 of this week.

🍎✏️ You may bring forms with checks to the office as early as December 9th.

🍎✏️ We will "date and number" each form as it comes in the office and put them in the appropriate box:

  • Church Member

  • Age Level In-House

  • Alumni

  • Public

🍎✏️ On the assigned dates, the GFCC office staff will open the boxes and begin listing children into classroom slots.

🍎✏️ We will notify you that your child is enrolled and that we will be depositing your check.

  • Checks sent in on Registration forms will not be cashed until your Registration Date.

🍎✏️ Registration Dates:

  • Church Members -- January 5-7 (Sun - Wed)

  • (I will not be in the GFCC office on Sunday morning as has been done in the past. Please leave your form in the GFCC mailbox in the GFBC church office.)

  • In-House Students -- January 8-24

  • Alumni -- January 28

  • Public -- January 28

🍎✏️ Children registering for Transition should have gone through the Combo class or a 4's program. For developmental reasons, we prefer students not go from a 3's program to Transition, even though their birthdays qualify them for the Transition class.

Click on the link to

Download and Print a 2020-2021 Registration Form

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